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Facial Massage

Fit Face Massage


Our Fit Face Facial Massage incorporates 3 ancient techniques that will leave your face mind and soul feeling and looking beautifully healthy and Glowing. Cupping stimulates facial muscles using suction cups to increase oxygen and blood circulation promoting cell repair and regeneration, instantly plumping up the skin with no down time. Gua Sha relaxes the tension in facial muscles using a flat jade stone over the skin scraping in light upwards strokes promoting lymph drainage releasing forehead lines, increases skin elasticity. Immediate results include clearing puffiness under the eyes and defining the jawline and cheekbones exposing a youthful glow! Manual Facial Massage uses traditional maneuvers to tone facial muscles, release tension, detoxes, promotes circulation and relaxation. Fit Face Massage is for everyone with the exception of those pregnant, battling acne or rosacea, which could be aggravated by the suction. Possible side effect is dizziness due to the detoxing process.

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