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Specialty Signature Massages

Relaxing Swedish Massage


50 min – $85
80 min – $115

Open your mind, body and soul with our signature Swedish massage. Exclusive blends of natural oils melt away tensions in this incredibly calming massage which uses rhythmic rolling strokes allowing you to experience an even deeper relaxation of the entire body.

Deep Tissue / Neuromuscular Therapeutic Massage


50 min – $105
80 min – $145

Neuromuscular is a technique that focuses in the deeper layers. The goal is to release chronic patterns of tension in the body using slow strokes and more direct pressure across the grain if the muscle. The ideal massage to alleviate muscle aches and pain due to stress or injury.

Perfect Massage / Custom Designed


50min – $95
80min – $130

This massage is tailored to your specific needs. Our highly trained therapists work with your body’s responses and customize your perfect massage. Ideal for the client that needs a little more here and a little less there.

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