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Body Sculpting – SkinTightening

All in one Fat Melting and Body Scupting Treatment

Cavitation Lipo Laser / RF  (Body Sculpting)

Radio Frequency   ( Body Skin Tightening)

Experience this remarkable non surgical technological breakthrough in the esthetic industry direct from Spain. Cavitation, Tri Polar Radio Frequency and Laser therapy, melts fat, lifts and tightens loose skin in addition to diminishing cellulite on your very first treatment. Reshape and sculpt your body with no downtime and show off that body you were born with!

You may call the office for a pre-screening . Find out why our tecqnique is the best in the market with proven results. Not all devices are the same or have the same power. Call today and begin to see a smaller tigher you! 305-569-0612

*After completing six treatments.


Complementary consultations: cost varies from client to client; however, it is usually between $80 to $115 per treatment.
This treatment also dramatically improves previous traditional liposuction irregularities and imperfections.

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