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Clinical Acne Treatments

Oxyceuticals™ Oxygen Acne Facial


Level 1 – 60min $85
Level 2 – 75min $105

Effectively treats acne by destroying bacteria deep in the dermal skin layer… high performing micro solutions are penetrated into the deep dermal layer via pure medical grade hyperbaric oxygen. Over 180,000,000 oxygen molecules per second are introduced into the critical cellular layer where it controls the future production of bacterial breakouts as it sooths and heals the upper layers of the skin for an all around superior result. Skin is dramatically clear after just one treatment.

Complementary Consultation will be conducted by the therapist during the 1st facial to determine the level and frequency of treatment plan.

Note: levels and frequency of treatments will be reduced as results of improvements are maintained.

Herbal “Acne” Peel


Double layers – 30min $75
Single layer   –   20min $50

This treatment significantly controls adult and teen acne breakouts caused by hormonal fluctuations and/or stress with the added bonus of dramatically improving acne lesions and scares.

Acne Blue Light Therapy


30min  $50

Blue light has be proven to kill the molecule that contains the acne bacteria in the epidermal and dermal layers of the skin.  Skin is clear, soft and blemish free after a series of treatments are performed. Series is determined by therapist. Blue light in combination with our acne facials provides you with amazing fast results without the need of medication. Please ask us about our Blue Light Packages or adding a Blue Light Therapy to your facial at a discounted rate.

Pimple 911


15min  $25
Please call for appointment
(305) 569-0612

Let us easily take care of that unexpected situation. You have been told over and over again not to pick at your face, but we understand what having that pimple appear on the worst possible day feels like. Come in we will disinfect, extract apply high frequency and send you home with a spot peel to help dry the affected area effectively and quickly.

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