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Clinical Acne Treatments

At Skintique Miami, we understand how difficult dealing with acne can be. It can affect our personal and social life. Skintique offers one of the most effective clinical acne treatments. A series of the treatments recommended by your Esthetician can dramatically decrease the appearance of acne lesions and scars. It can keep your hormonal acne at bay and overall improve of the texture of your skin. Listed below is more information on each acne treatment. 

Oxyceuticals™ Oxygen Acne Facial 

This treatment effectively treats acne by destroying the bacteria from inside the dermal layer. Pure Medical Grade Hyperbaric Oxygen is infused into the critical cellular layer where it controls the production of bacterial breakouts, while it’s soothes the upper layer of the skin. This Oxygen Acne Facial works from inside the skin to the outside of the skin treating acne and acne scaring. A complementary consultation will be conducted by your Esthetician to propose a treatment plan explaining the level and frequency of the treatments. We offer levels 1,2,and 3 with an option of blue light therapy. 

Herbal Adult and Teen Acne Peel

This treatment controls adult and teen acne caused by hormonal fluctuations or stress. Dramatically improves acne lesions and scaring. A series of treatments will be recommended by your Esthetician with an option of blue light therapy. 

Blue Light Therapy

A non-UV light that eliminates acne causing bacteria deep within the skin. Diminishes clogged pores, acne scaring, blemishes, and breakouts. A series of treatments can also be determined for quicker results.


To book an appointment for these treatments, please give us a call at (305)569-0612 or schedule your appointment online. We do offer complementary consultations and you can discuss a treatment plan with your Esthetician. You are one step closer to having beautiful clear skin. 




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